Is this survey anonymous?

Absolutely! When you take the survey, we don’t record any personal information.

Who Is doing this research?

The Font Purchasing Habits Survey initiative is conducted by Mary Catherine Pflug, the foundry partner manager for MyFonts.com, the largest online font retailer. MyFonts is owned by Monotype. Mary Catherine Pflug is based outside of Boston, MA, and would love to hear your thoughts about the survey! Reach her directly on twitter at @mcpflugie, or by email at fontsurvey@myfonts.com.

How do i get my free fonts?

Upon survey completion, you’ll be shown a discount code which you can use on MyFonts.com to download the Font Purchasing Habits Survey bundle for free.

How are these survey results used?

The results of the Font Purchasing Habits Survey are always shared publicly online. We hope the results are utilized by all members of the type community to better connect to font users, improve font marketing, and better understand our changing industry.

I love this survey. How Do I Become a sponsor?

Great! We love collaborating to spread the good word about fonts. Just email fontsurvey@myfonts.com and we’ll get the ball rolling.

How do I reference this research?

If you’d like to reference this research in a blog post, article, academic paper, or other format, please simply give credit to Mary Catherine Pflug and MyFonts. Want a quote or interview? Email fontsurvey@myfonts.com.

How Long has this been going on?

The Font Purchasing Habits Survey began in 2016 as a student project by Mary Catherine Pflug as part of her undergraduate honors thesis about the business side of type. Now as an employee of Monotype, the largest font company in the world, the survey lives on. It has grown from 765 responses in 2016 to 15,745 responses in 2018.